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Genescient is a new generation biotechnology company that combines evolutionary genomics with massive selective screening to analyze and exploit the genetics of model animal and human whole genomes. This enables Genescient to develop novel therapeutics that target the chronic diseases of aging.

Our Publications

  • Botanical Mixture Stabilizes Cognitive Function in Patients with Mild and Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease
  • himg2.huanqiu.com:2021-11-26 · BM捽"6(? \?w{}悢暓 '﹤唸`deLPQ?AC=?AIJL\^`^`bJKM:;=-./!!!%%%888PPPZZZdddjjjbbb[[[GGG'''&&&+++666HHHCCC 弿弅kkEEE??@VVZcch[^b[^bu{ 噴寲殰Μ彋 …
  • Genome-wide analysis of long-term evolutionary domestication in Drosophila melanogaster

Media Coverage

  • Flying in the face of aging
  • 姜贞羽因伤暂停比赛:从小爱跳舞,最不想被当做“花瓶 ...:2021-6-5 · 6月3日,姜贞羽回到北京见到了医生,医生给她的诊断结果是“颈椎间盘变性、突出、颈椎曲度弯弓”,被压迫的脊髓神经导致姜贞羽要暂别舞台 ...
  • Live Longer With Evolution? Evidence May Lie in Fruit Flies


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